VNL Pre-mounted Black SH4 Headshell with VNL II Stylus.

Sale price$269.00


VNL Premounted Ortofon VNL cartridge – a model tailored uniquely to the unrelenting demands of modern turntablists and portablists.  The plug'n play solution has become an expected and necessary asset for the user, and with the new VNL Premounted, it’s not getting easier!  The VNL has been paired with our popular black SH-4 Headshell, which securely frames the VNL cartridge to deliver its absolute best.  The VNL Premounted fits any standard DJ turntable and tonearm and features high quality tonearm terminal connections.  We've created the perfect kit, where you'll have the high standard of the VNL matched with our favorite headshell to deliver superb convenience and great value. 
- Mounted on Ortofon SH-4 Black headshell with universal mount.  - Extra resistance to hardcore scratching and back spinning  - High tracking performance for both DVS usage and real vinyl  - Optimal balance of output and of sound quality

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