UDG Ultimate Audio Cable USB 3.0 C-A Yellow Straight 1.5m U98001YL

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Elevate your performances and unleash your potential with UDG Ultimate Audio Cables. Designed with precision and quality, these USB 3.0 cables are essential for any DJ or producer seeking flawless sound. Whether in the studio or at home, UDG Ultimate U98001YL Cables provide a seamless connection for all your USB-compatible gear. With a rugged PVC construction and unique branding, these cables are the ultimate choice for those who dare to push the boundaries of audio excellence. And for added convenience, the Velcro cable strap makes organization a breeze. Don't let outdated USB versions hold you back - this cable is fully backward compatible for unrestricted creativity.


EAN 8720908560605
Color Yellow
Length 1.5 m | 4.92 ft
Weight 0,10 kg / 0.22 lbs
Material PVC + Metal
Protection Constructed with corrosion-resistant, gold-plated connectors for optimal signal
Two ferrite chokes: help eliminate noise in both directions
Includes UDG Velcro strap for easy storage
High-quality multi-shielded PVC USB cable
Extra's High-speed Audio Optimized USB 3.0 C-Male to A-Male cable
Maximum data transfer rates up to 5 Gbps
Ergonomic UDG Design
Various colors makes them easy to identify
Fits Connects mic, keyboards, and speed-critical devices, such as audio interfaces and external hard drives to your computer

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