Super Seal Breaks Japan Edition 2020 - Skratchy Seal

Sale price$87.00



Introducing the SUPER SEAL BREAKS JAPAN EDITION 2020! This is the latest creation from STOKYO, made for DJs who just want to have fun. Weighing in at about 120g, it's 20 grams lighter than the previous Japan 2019 Edition. Our passion at STOKYO is to provide the ultimate vinyl experience for DJs, using the latest technology and techniques to create the perfect "thin press" Super Seal. With 12 skip-proof sections on Side A, including classics like "Ahhhh" and "Fresh", and 4 beats on Side B, this is a must-have for any DJ, whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro. Get your STOKYO Super Seal today and add some quirk and fun to your battle tools collection!


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