Shure Motiv MV7+ Microphone Bundle **** Pre Order****

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The Shure MV7+ is an updated dynamic microphone that's perfect for podcasting, streaming and music making. It has a fun and funky LED touch panel that can display millions of colors and doubles as an audio level meter. By using the USB-C output with the MOTIV MixTM desktop app or MOTIV mobile apps, the MV7+ can access cool DSP features like the Digital Popper StopperTM, a real-time Denoiser, and 3 types of reverb. Plus, you can play around with cool options like gain, EQ, compression, and more! This mic boasts a tough diecast aluminum design with a handy adjustable yoke.

  • Hybrid USB/XLR outputs for digital or analog recording 
  • Highly directional dynamic element with proven Voice Isolation Technology 
  • Customizable LED touch panel for unique styling and instant mic muting 
  • Built-in headphone output allows for direct headphone monitoring while recording 
  • Optimized frequency response for rich and natural vocal reproduction 
  • The Shure MOTIV Mix desktop app, MOTIV Audio & MOTIV VIdeo mobile apps provide advanced control of gain, EQ, com-pression, limiter and other audio processing including:

               - A Digital Popper Stopper

               - 3 types of reverb (Plate, Hall, Studio)

               - A real-time Denoiser

  • Improved Auto Level Mode automatically adjusts mic level according to spatial detection
  • Rugged, all-metal construction for outstanding reliability
  • Adjustable integrated yoke for easy positioning on standard 5/8"-27 threaded stands or booms 

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