Serato 12" TB-303 / TR-606 Limited Edition Control Vinyl (Pair) Drumatix Control Vinyl

Sale price$119.00


Take a risk with the Serato + Roland TB-303 / TR-606 Drumatix Control Vinyl, a 12" limited edition vinyl that pays homage to the legendary Roland TB-303 Bass Line and TR-606 Drumatix. Get your hands on one of the only 1400 sets available and discover a true DJ's treasure trove. Featuring tracks by iconic artists like Fast Eddie and DJ Haus on the TB-303, and high-energy beats by J Rocc and Shadow Child on the TR-606, this vinyl is carefully crafted to seamlessly sync up with your mix, no matter the BPM. Don't just collect this set; make it an essential weapon in your DJ arsenal, combining vintage vibes with innovative reinventions.


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