Radial PROD2 Passive 2 Channel DI With 2 Radial Transformers

Sale price$285.00


Get ready for some keyboard magic with the RADIAL ProD2 Stereo Direct Box! This quirky, ultra-compact passive direct box is perfect for plugging in your keyboard and enjoying that "true stereo" sound without any distortion or ground loops. And the best part? It's a more affordable version of the legendary Radial JDI, so even regional sound companies and project studios can experience the quality of a Radial direct box. With two independent channels, separate inputs and thru-puts for your stage amp and isolated outputs for the PA system, the ProD2 is essentially two ProDI's in one compact enclosure. Whether you're a keyboardist, DJ, or just want to upgrade your home hi-fi system, the ProD2's high performance Radial transformers deliver top-notch sound, eliminate hum and buzz, and can handle even the most dynamic signals without distortion. Plus, with its rugged 14 gauge steel construction, protective design, and no-slip pad for added insulation, the


  • Great sounding, rugged passive DI
  • High performance custom-wound transformer
  • -15dB PAD for wide range of input levels
  • Ground lift switch eliminates ground loop hum
  • Interface consumer audio with pro gear
  • Eliminates buzz and hum caused by ground loops
  • Ultra-tough design, to last a lifetime
  • ‘Plug & play’ easy-to-use
  • Completely passive, no power needed
  • 3 year transferable warranty
  • Stereo direct box designed for keyboards
  • Smooth, warm sound rounds out digital edge
  • Able to handle huge transients without choking
  • May be rack mounted for touring rigs
  • Designed for stereo keyboards and drum machines

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