Phase Essential Wireless DVS DJ System w/ 2x Remotes

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Go beyond limits with Phase, the ultimate 2-channel DVS system. Patented tech captures each turntable's rotation & wirelessly relays it to a receiver, producing a digital signal for your setup. Every rotation - even the minutest - is detected & applied to the audio control with unmatched accuracy. No need for damaged needles, ineffective turntables, or audio distortion - Phase offers the quality & comfort of a dj controller with the feeling & accuracy of real vinyl. Its wireless protocol offers an unparalleled communication & reactivity. Control any setup with the same precision as standard records - even slow, extra-slow movements - & get up to 10 hrs of use once charged. Compact, robust, & impact-resistant, Phase's here to stay.

  • Unique DVS system
  • System includes 2 remotes and 1 receiver
  • Allows control of tracks in DJ software without needle/cartridge or timecode vinyl
  • Remotes are placed on turntables and read rotation information
  • Rotation information is sent to receiver, which sends it onto your setup
  • Every rotation movement, even the tiniest, is detected by the remote
  • 10-hour battery-life per remote
  • The Receiver is charges the Remotes (full charge : around an hour)
  • 2 stereo RCA outputs to control 2 decks
  • USB connection to power and configure Phase
  • Magnetic stickers to maintain the remotes on any records
  • Fast and unique patented technology
  • 2.4 GHz signal radio frequency

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