Nashua 357 Gaffer's Tape - Black 48mm x 40m

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Nashua 357 Gaffer's Tape - Black 48mm x 40m

Professionals trust Nashua 357 Gaffer's Tape to stay reliable through any challenge. Its superior strength and clean adhesive release outclasses the competition. Straight out the roll, it won't curl and maintains consistent performance no matter the temperature or environment. This waterproof, cloth tape is made from a polyethylene film laminated to a tough fabric & coated in natural rubber-based adhesive. Feel confident taking on any challenge; Nashua 357 Gaffer's Tape is ready to prove its superior strength and reliable performance! With no need to wait for activation, you can rest assured knowing this waterproof cloth tape will stand up to any environment and temperature. Prepare to be impressed!


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