K&M 25400 Entry Level Boom Arm Mic Stand

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This entry-level microphone stand from Konig Meyer features a practical swivel joint allowing the one-piece boom arm to be simultaneously positioned for tilt and length. Its perfect low weight of 1.85 kg, it is perfect for the mobile performers. This stand takes little space as its base diameter is only 660 mm. The large end caps help to make the stand stable and reduce transmission noise.

Base diameter: 660 mm
Boom arm: one-piece design
Boom arm clamping: locking knob
Boom arm length: 680 mm
Height: from 890 to 1,600 mm
Height adjustment: clutch
Leg construction: U-profile legs snap into socket
Material: steel
Rod combination: 2-piece folding design
Size when folded: 870 x 80 x 95 mm
Threaded connector: 5/8"
Weight: 1.84 kg

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