Furman Merit X Series M 10xE Power Conditioner

Sale price$249.00


Your rack can handle all your effects, preamps, and tuner, but can it handle the wild world of wall plugs? Don't risk a catastrophic spike frying your gear - Furman's got your back with standard level surge and spike protection. Plus, with standard level RFI/EMI filtration, you'll never have to worry about strange noises or radio interference messing with your tone. Whether you're gigging, recording, or worshiping, make sure you've got a trusty Furman M-10x E in your rack for ultimate peace of mind.


    Cleanse your power and protect your equipment with the 11 total outlets (10 rear panel and 1 front panel) of this 10 Amp rated power conditioner. Built-in AC noise filtering and spike & surge protection keep RFI/EMI at bay while the front panel indicator LED reassures you of your gear's safety.

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