Furman Merit X Series M 10LxE Power Conditioner

Sale price$399.00


The versatile Furman Merit X Series M 10LxE AC power conditioner is a smart and safe solution for DJs, studio engineers and live musicians. This unit offers 10 outlets--each with switch control--up to a generous 10-amp workload. Place the Furman Merit M 10LxE on your studio or live rack, and feed all your lower racks--effects, preamps, whatever--into the rear outlets for complete protection against otherwise disastrous surges.

Noise interference is squashed when your equipment plugs into the Furman Merit X Series M 10LxE AC power conditioner. Eliminate radio signals, hums and other noise spikes while recording or on stage. Guitarists can set up a whole rack effects rig and trust this AC conditioner to handle even the sketchiest of dirty-venue power sources.

A bonus front-panel outlet provides an 11th spot to plug in with easy access. Dark venues can make adjusting your rack units difficult, so Furman gives you two retractable LEDs to illuminate the rack during showtime.

Keep your equipment safe with AC noise filtering for less RFI/EMI and surge protection against spikes and surges - 11 outlets in total, plus a handy front panel convenience outlet. 10 amp rating with circuit breaker. Front panel LED indicator lets you know you're protected. Bonus: two retractable LED lights with dimmer for convenient rack lighting!

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