Furman Classic Series PL Plus C E Power Conditioner

Sale price$899.00


Furman's Classic Series is where protection meets performance, all in a tough rack-mount design. With Furman's cutting-edge Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP), Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), and Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS), it's safe to say this is the ultimate surge supressor

    Protect Yo'self - Furman's got ya covered with exclusive SMP technology for the best surge & spike protection money can buy. Say Bye Bye to Noise - LiFT up your audio and video quality with AC power filtering. No More Unsafe Conditions - Advanced EVS circuitry detects sketchy voltage and shuts down itself and your gear. Light It Up - Double the bling with smooth track retractable LED lights for your rack, plus LED status indicators to keep ya posted. Check Yo' Voltage - A segmented LED voltmeter keeps you in the know about incoming line voltage. Keep It Clean - Isolated outlet banks minimize fuzz and noise, while a high inrush magnetic circuit breaker adds an extra layer of protection. Plenty of Juice - With 11 outlets (10 in the back, one up front) and a BNC connector for a gooseneck lamp, you'll have power for days.


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