Ortofon Club Concorde MkII - Stylus (x1)

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In honor of Ortofon's century of market-leading innovation and development, the renowned Concorde cartridge has been redesigned and enhanced.

Numerous improvements and new features are included in the Concorde MkII cartridges. They are bigger and stronger. You can see where the stylus is on the record more clearly thanks to the open cut-out view on the stylus tip. The fingergrips are replaceable and customizable, and the textured undercarriage makes them easier to grip. Additionally, each model has its own particular features and specifications.

The Ortofon CLUB series is the most advanced model in the DJ line and was created with DJs in mind. The best possible sound reproduction while maintaining DJ performance qualities is the primary goal. The elliptical stylus on Ortofon DJ Club cartridges produces the detailed sound. There simply isn't a better option for mix DJs. The sound is rich and the output is high. Not suitable for DJs who scratch a lot.

A single stylus is here.

Output: 8 mV
Frequency range: 20-20,000 Hz
Tracking force: 3g
Stylus type: Elliptical
Replacement stylus: Club.

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