Teach Me How 2 DJ - Private & Group DJ Lessons

Develop your DJ Skills and reach unimaginable heights with our proven Sydney DJ Lessons Courses. Sure there are plenty of YouTube tutorials, but nothing compares to learning direct from some of Sydney's leading DJs.

Available courses

  1. Introduction to DJin
  2. Beginner / Intermediate 
  3. Advanced

About our Courses

Our courses are structured with precision to fast-track your DJ skills, no matter your current level - beginner, intermediate or even advanced. Options for Individual or Group classes are available, and are led by Internation DJ and YouTube renowned, DJ Patty E. 

Why Teach Me How 2 DJ is the answer to steppin' up your DJ game

Courses are ran at Pro DJ HQ, Sydney's #1 Retail store for all DJ gear sales. One of the major benefits of this is you have access to any piece of DJ equipment to train on. This will accelerate your learning curve and also give you an opportunity to widen your skills, especially if wanting to transition to a Club DJ and play on the DJM-A9 Mixer and Pionner CJD 3000s.

On completion of your selected course, there are opportunities to join our team of DJs and start professionally DJ'in at live events.

Pro DJ HQ Promotion

All Teach Me How 2 DJ students automatically receive an unlimited 5% discount on any stocked item at Pro DJ HQ for an entire year. We want to see you grow as a DJ and love what you do.

Get in touch

Contact Patrick (DJ Patty E) on 0421 748 955 or visit the Teach Me How 2 DJ website at www.teachmehow2dj.com.au

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